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  •         Welcome to Love & Puzzle! Please help Emily to run her restaurant and learn the way of business through your own experience. The game was adapted from a real-l...

Lv & Puzzl

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Welcome to Love & Puzzle! Please he [详情]

Welcome to Love & Puzzle! Please help Emily to run her restaurant and learn the way of business through your own experience. The game was adapted from a real-life adventure, about a girl's journey from penniless nobody to the queen of her industry. Try the struggling of business and joy of success, after having fun in the match-3 games. Is it hard to achieve success? Let's try with Emily! Through Love & Puzzle, you'll find it's not that hard nor that easy to manage a business, the key is... Introduction of the story Emily was fired due to industry downturn in the global economic crisis. Without a job, Emily was unable to renew her apartment and become homeless, adversities came one after another. Emily burst into tears, why god punishes me like this? She's so sad and at a loss, where is the way out? A letter from her friend Tyler brought her hope, god opened a door when he closed a window, he's not heartless. It's Arabian Nights for Emily to run a restaurant, but who's able to by birth? Emily has no choice but to try, at least she can feed herself and get rid of the homeless condition A lonely island, a tiny restaurant, a humble dream, started in stumbling. Nobody imagined how far Emily has reached. Bankrupted and on street again? Emily never admits defeat, she kept striving till being the queen of the industry. Let's try the joys and sorrows of Emily's journey! Features of the game Come back to the classics, eliminating cheerfully in the paradise Challenge the difficult levels, eliminate! Combos to bomb your whole screen! Super props are ready here! Restaurant in the desert, luxury hotel, mysterious treasure, the exploration never ends! Counter attack from the lowest, march forward and realize your dream, come and unlock the fascinating stories! Run the restaurant, attracting customers, unlock dishes, unlimited business opportunities are waiting for you! Adhere to hard work, keep it on with a kind heart, a happy life is waiting for you. Diverse levels, free combinations, full of surprises, now come with your friends! No network needed, click and play, simple and fun! Love & Puzzle is free to play with purchase options in the game. You can disable the in-app purchase and stop the payment function We sincerely hope you like the brand new match-3 game. We are dedicated to improving it on an on, if there's any question or suggestion, please contact us: Love & Other ways to know about Love & Puzzle: Facebook: Or to search @Lovepuzzle and follow us on Twitter.


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