Evil Nun
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  •         ★★★ More than 4 million players★★★ Say hello to mystery and survival in a school garded by a scary evil nun that can hear any noise (be careful!). Evil nun see...

Evil Nun

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★★★ More than 4 million players★★★ [详情]

★★★ More than 4 million players★★★ Say hello to mystery and survival in a school garded by a scary evil nun that can hear any noise (be careful!). Evil nun seems to be a mix between a granny and...a ghost, a victim of a zombie plague or any other dead soul. Horror and death are after you, evil nun will kill you if she finds you and the adventure escape will have finished . Hide anywhere !! Inside or out the school ...farm or parking area can be good hiding places ! Bendy weapons are useful to complete puzzles, like a chewing gum gun or an explosive doll with which you will be able to make things explode. Dead nun wants to kill you , so solve puzzles , run away of death and save your soul ! Feeling alone ? Not in that adventure escape and survival game. Apart from scary granny nun, there is also some neighbor... Laundry room hides a mystery: why are there children ? Are they alive or dead ? It's clear that they couldn't leave this scary school . But rescue them and become a hero is possible! How to rescue other children locked by granny ? Pay attention to secret puzzles that will appear in this horror game , hide and run, that's the key for survival ! Today is not Halloween 's day, but if you have ever beat a zombie plague or others creatures of Halloween, say hello to dead nun and show us your skills in this adventure escape horror game . *It includes a " ghost mode " in case that your neighbor can't put up with your screams for fear. Hours and hours of fun and horror guaranteed to be a true hero, beat granny evil nun, rescue children and complete whole game ! **Our horror game is still in development ... do you have an amazing idea ? Want more puzzles ? We're bendy and opened to new ideas ! Enjoy & run! Survival is about to start...


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